Obstetricians may not get as much money as other specialties, but they can do something money can not do: Bring a child into this world.
But hey, every disease has to have a cure, right? So it’s up to us to find one. That’s how medicine advances.
Trauma Center: Second Opinion
The journey to becoming a [doctor] is long and difficult. Knowing that, will you keep going? … I see. No, you’re right. If you would give up that easily, you would have never chased that dream in the first place.
Pokemon: Soul Silver
We find out where conditions are the worst- the place where others are not going- and that’s where we want to be.
Doctors without Borders
Lots of things affect us, so don’t feel bad about the choices you make at the time with the information you had. Think about why you made that choice and if it was a bad choice don’t let those things affect you again in the future.
Chris Meyer (Paramedic)
Fate is a cruel thing… It shows you your whole life, and then snatches it away from you. So that’s why… that’s why I became a doctor. To deny fate and restore what it should have been. I want to twist fate around with my bare hands.
God Hand Teru
Pediatrics doesn’t just save the life that’s right in front of them. They also save the lives of an infinity number of future friends and children. Pediatrics saves the people on the branches of the infinity tree diagram of life.
Saijou No Meii
No doctor can operate on himself… I suppose that is our fatal flaw, and at the same time, a test of the friendships we have fostered.
Trauma Centre under the knife 2
The way I see it, proper treatment… is like running a three-legged race with the patient.
God Hand Teru