Late Father’s day lunch with dad-

Today, I took my dad out to lunch because he was away during the father’s day weekend, we talked about the time when he was in medical school. (typical conversation…hehe). I was shocked to hear that back then, medical school sounded less stressful compared to today.

My dad was talking about how chill it was in medical school and how it was mostly play time instead of studying. The class would work together to pass the course, because if they didn’t, the whole class would be in trouble. He said that his class and him even stole questions and test slides that were going to be on the exam. haha.

There was plenty of traditions for medical students back then like stealing the Harley street sign in London. (The street famous for its doctors in London UK) There was also a time when they hitch hiked from London to Paris raising money for medical school tuition. They would dress up in OR green robes and caps and hitch hike with a tin can. After getting to Paris they would celebrate at a bar or something.

It makes me wonder, why has medical school changed so much? It seems so much fun back then, but now it seems more stressful and competitive than it should be.

I dare those currently in medical school to create a tradition or something to make medical school worthwhile for the future medical students. Something that is fun and creative that would make medical school a memorable experience despite the time of endless hours of studying :)

Have a great summer~